Monday 24th January, 2022:
Newcastle Magic Circle AGM

Monday 7th February, 2022:
Graeme Shaw – Family Show Lecture

Monday 28th February, 2022:
NMC: Card Workshop

Monday 28th March, 2022:
Andrew Normansell Lecture

Monday 11th April, 2022:
NMC Entertains @ Middlesbrough Magic Circle

Monday 25th April, 2022
NMC Members Lecture

Friday 29th April, 2022:
Social Night: James Phelan Show
The Little Theatre, Gateshead

Monday 23rd May, 2022
Luke Oseland Lecture

Monday 6th June, 2022
Guy Hollingworth Lecture

Monday 20th June, 2022
Steve Dela Lecture

Monday 25th July, 2022
Close-up Competition

Monday 15th August, 2022
Jez Rose Lecture
Changed to Members Golden Nuggets

Tuesday 23rd August
Social Night: Circus and Curry

Monday 5th September
Devilish Double Discourse:
Daniel Dorian Johnson & Mick WIlson

Monday 26th September, 2022
Middlesbrough Magic Circle Entertains @ NMC

Monday 10th October, 2022
Bob White Wand Competition

Saturday 22nd October, 2022
Social Night: Xtreme Magic with Richard Cadell

Monday 31st October, 2022
Ferran Rizo Lecture

Monday 14th November, 2022
NMC Planning Night

Saturday 19th November, 2022
Annual President’s Dinner, Crowne Plaza

Tuesday 29th November, 2022
Social Night: Cinderella, Theatre Royal

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