Alain Choquette Canadian Magician

Alain Choquette (Canada) Lecture

Thursday 23rd Febuary, 2017 | 7:30PM | MagicBox

Alain Choquette has quickly emerged as one of the most spectacular magicians in North America with his highly distinctive style of magic.

A leader in his field, this great illusionist combines skillful magic, dance, acrobatics and hypnotism in a strong avant-garde show that goes beyond traditional magic.

The lecture includes close up, parlour, mentalism, stage and also Magic to fool other Magicians..
I also talk a lot of my expériences on stage and Tv because I have been performing for more than 25 years in Canada,USA,France and 5 years in Las Vegas.

David Copperfield bought 5 of my créations including Grand Pa aces and the vanishing of 13 members of the audience that he has been closing his show for the last 12 years..

For the last 15 Mounths,I présent my show in Paris at the Theatre la Gaité.

The Jury Box number is known as a classic: twelve members of the audience disappear under strange circumstances. He puts on an incredible and alluring show embracing all the wondrous mysteries surrounding the power of suggestion and illusion.

Unlike most professional magicians, Alain Choquette sticks to the basics of his trade without using a great deal of Hollywood-style special effects, and it is precisely because of this simplicity that he continues to sell-out shows all across North America.

No matter how simple the tricks may look, audiences are always scratching their heads and asking, “How did he do that?” 

You will enjoy his humor and good old-fashioned entertainment, Alain Choquette is sure to deliver the goods – and there’s nothing magical about that dental floss

Bang! – a fun broke and restored balloon effect where everything can be examined.

Torn BC – a torn and restored business card effect

Another fab lecture for the Newcastle Magic Circle