Ben Williams Magician

Ben Williams (UK) Lecture

Wednesday 10th April 2019 | 7:30PM | MagicBox

An Evening with Ben Williams 

Ben Williams has been working in the magic industry for over a decade performing, creating, and teaching magic. He has worked on magic that has been shown on TV shows such as Dynamo Magician Impossible, Troy, and Ben Hanlin’s Tricked, Ben also was requested to have a private meeting with David Blaine when Blaine was in the UK to show him some of his own creations.

All of Ben’s magic is simple and direct. It has been developed to work in the real world and not be conceptual or just for Instagram. There is some commercial card magic and easy to perform mentalism, then there is also all of the more wacky ideas and organic magic that Ben has created that he will also share, from tricks with sugar packets, balloons, and banknotes to sweet wrappers and drinks bottles, there is a huge platter of magic on offer for both the professional and hobbyist.

Ben will also share his thoughts on performance, simplicity and directness within your magic, how to handle spectators and nerves. Ben will also share some of the tips and pieces of advice to help bring out your own creativity. He also has a few fun  stories to share from experiences he has had whilst performing magic.