Joe Barry Magician

Joe Barry (UK) Lecture

Tuesday 27th February, 2018 | 7:30PM | MagicBox

Joe Barry is a young magician from Stoke‐on-­Trent in England. He loves all types of magic but chose card magic to study in-depth. He has a love of gambling moves and effects as well as subtle and baffling card magic. Joe Barry has produced 2 DVDs called Inscrutable and Inscrutable 2, which received great reviews. He also wrote 4 limited edition booklets “Some Notes on Cards”, “Rollout”, “Fifty”, and “Reverie”.

Since publishing some of his effects, Joe has lectured and performed at The Session, The International Magic Festival, and The International Convention. He finished a lecture tour of Japan in May and is appearing at Magic Live in Vegas. 

What other have said about Joe Barry:

“Joe fooled me – many times. Joe favors impromptu material, so you’re ready as long as there’s a deck handy. There are valuable lessons here, in everything from subtleties to attitude.” – Simon Aronson 

“Some of the best card work I’ve ever seen; absolutely mesmerising, bewildering and above all inspiring.” – Daniel Madison 

“I met Joseph Barry at The Session convention. He blew me away with his card magic. All his effects are direct, simple and clear. It was a wicked pleasure for me to introduce him to different magicians over the weekend and stand back and watch their faces as Joe went to work, fooling them badly, again and again with simple and direct effects. Erdnase himself would be proud as there is simply nothing to suspect, let alone detect during his performance.” – Quentin Reynolds 

“Some of the best sleight-­of-­hand I have NEVER seen. Elegant, sophisticated, powerful magic! Every Trick is a closer!” – Wayne Dobson 

“A youth is to be regarded with respect,” said Confucius. “How do we know that his future will not be equal to our present?” Joseph Barry, who is bound to become recognized as a master entertainer with a deck of cards, deserves acknowledgment right now. He has come up with a large array of material, most of which is good, and some of which is excellent. More importantly, he has adopted a casual rapport with his audience and a charm that takes many performers decades to refine.” – Jared Kopf in Magic magazine

“I wrote a year ago that Barry “is bound to become recognized as a master entertainer with a deck of cards.” Inscrutable II is further proof that what I have predicted may very well come to pass.”- Jared Kopf in Magic magazine

“Joseph Barry’s lectures always exceed my expectations – an excellent magician.” – Will Houston