Matt Johnson Magician

Matt Johnson (UK) Lecture

Monday 18th September, 2017 | 7:30PM | MagicBox

Matt Johnson has experience in spades and has been performing all over the world for more than 20 years!

As a performer he has done it all. From cruise ships and International hotels to corporate events for fortune 500 companies and theaters throughout the world. He has appeared in movies, TV shows and most recently appeared as a contestant on the hit TV show Wizard Wars filmed in Los Angeles, California.

As one of Canada’s busiest entertainers he performs his unique brand of thought provoking magic with over 300 live performances a year!

“Matt is one of the busiest entertainers I know!” – Dan Harlan

As a creator of original magic and mentalism effects Matt has released countless effects, books, dvd’s and instant downloads over the past 25 years. He has also been a featured performer and teacher for other creators and can be seen on the TA box set and in the marketed effect “Freedom Writer” both by Paul Harris Presents.

Most recently in 2013 he was approached by Penguin Magic to release some of his own effects which included the best sellers, Melt and Melt 2.0, Pen Through Finger and Sweet. Matt was also asked to perform his lecture via the internet with his first Penguin Live Lecture in 2013.

All proved so popular that Penguin then hired Matt to rework old effects under the  name “Matt Johnson Presents…”. Each effect is given Matt’s unique approach and worker approval. Such effects included Blindfoil, Dark Arts, Photographic, Billoon, Chaptrick  White Bikes, and Blacksmith to name just a few.

As a lecturer Matt has lectured at FISM, the Magic Circle in London, the Magic Castle in Hollywood, IBM in the UK, the Adelaide Magic Convention in Australia and countless other Magic Clubs and conventions around the world!

Matt always has something new up his sleeve, so even if you have seen Matt lecture before you are guaranteed to learn some brand new & unpublished, mind blowing Magic and Mentalism.

All of Matt’s creations are very commercial and most of the effects instantly reset!