Shoot Ogawa Magician

Shoot Ogawa (Japan) Lecture

Monday 10th July, 2017 | 7:30PM | MagicBox

Shoot needs no introduction to the Newcastle Magic Circle, a firm favourite who is a four time Magic Castle Magician of the Year and has countless other awards to his credit

Fans all over the world are inspired and captivated by his skill and creativity; for this new lecture he will be sharing new and wonderful stories, routines, and effects that he has been working on over the last five years.

Shoot also teaches from 3 new DVDs created just for this lecture Shoot uses these new tricks to emphasize a deeper understanding of his personal magic: how he creates tricks, how to be more skillful as a performer (even for beginners), creating the desired “magical feeling” with any trick, what he thinks is a “good magician,” and how to control the power of magic. Shoot’s lecture dives heavily into these ideas by breaking it down to seven important management tools: Time Line, Miming, Misdirection, Framing, Skill Level, Training, and Organization.

This lecture is an important study on Shoot’s own personal success, experience, and philosophy of magic. Something he is willing to share to this degree for the first time. Still full of Shoot’s original tricks and legendary skill and creativity, this lecture promises to be as entertaining and enlightening as always.

You don’t want to miss this! Ninja Rings (featuring new moves) Shoot has become synonymous with Ninja Rings, and here he reveals a revolutionary new move from his dear friend Kim Silverman. A volunteer holds a ring as the magician links another ring to it. Then the magician simply walks away, leaving the volunteer with the double-linked rings. Mind-blowing and inspiring.