Simon South UK Magician

Simon South, (UK) Lecture

Tuesday 31st January, 2017 | 7:30PM | MagicBox

Simon South, Cheshires top close up magician and Chesters stage magician of the year is not your regular act. A mix of magic, sideshow stunts and comedy make his act completely unique. He has performed for 4 years running at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and has also performed internationally.

In the lecture, Simon will cover :-

Witzend – an invisible deck variation which leaves their chosen card the only card in a blank deck

Mai – a psychometry piece where the performer is blindfolded, and never touches the envelopes in which certain objects are placed, and yet can still tell what belongs to who. A completely unique method that needs to be seen to be believed.

MiSa – a three phase sandwich routine, ending with the selection changing the colour of its back right under the nose!

VuDu – a new twist on the voodoo card plot. A card is drawn on to look like a little man and you show in an envelope you also have a drawing. The spectator stabs their drawing wherever they wish, and when your drawing is taken out there is a hole in the same place. They burn their drawing and this time when you tip out the card, there is nothing but ash in the envelope. Everything can be examined.

Phone in Pringles can – a phone is placed in an envelope and ends up being destroyed. It is found later inside a Pringles can completely unharmed. There is also a variation where a bill in lemon can also be found in the can with the phone.

Pairs – two cards are taken from the deck at the start and placed in the box. You ask the spectators to put your business cards into the deck wherever they fancy. They find a pair. The pair is then lost and found again by the spectators. You then remind them of the two cards in the box at the start. It’s revealed they are the same ones that keep being found. Cards can be signed, with nothing left in the box.

C.O.B – a card to box finale where the card ends permanently stuck to the card box.

Teeth trouble – a new take on the needle swallow, using tooth picks and dental floss

Bang! – a fun broken and restored balloon effect where everything can be examined.

Torn BC – a torn and restored business card effect

Simon also talks about Sideshow stunts. As a human blockhead, glass eater, glass walker to name a few since 16, Simon discusses how to incorporate sideshow stunts into your act, and how to safely learn them and perform them.