Tuesday 31st January, 2017:
Simon South, UK

Thursday 23rd February, 2017:
Alain Choquette, Canada / Ken Dyne replacement

​Wednesday 1st March, 2017
Chris Mayhew, Canada

​March 17,18,19, 2017
South Tyneside International Magic Festival

​Thursday 6th April, 2017
Chris Randall, USA

​Monday 24th April, 2017

​Tuesday 16th May, 2017
Jamming Session
A night to try out an effect & share some golden tips

​Wednesday 24th May, 2017
Eric Jones, USA

​Wednesday 14th June, 2017
Wayne Fox, UK

​Wednesday 21st June, 2017
Christian Engblom, Finland

​Monday 10th July 2017
Shoot Ogawa, Japan

​Monday 24th July 2017
Auditions, Open Share Night & The Big Vote

​Tuesday 29th August 2017
The Bob White Wand Competition
The four categories are, an effect:
1) from TV
2) with one body part always in contact with the table
3) using food
4) in the style of another magician

​Monday 18th September, 2017
Matt Johnson, UK
(now based in Canada)

​Monday 16th October 2017
The Lennox Shield Competition
1. The competition should have a minimum of 3 entrants
2. The competition should have 3 or more judges
3. Each performance should be between 6minutes – 15minutes. A verbal warning will be given after 12 minutes and another on 15minutes. Any competitor who performs under 6minutes or exceeds 15minutes is automatically disqualified
4. The criteria for judging:
a. Magical Content
b. Entertainment
c. Appearance
5. The winner shall receive the trophy and retain in safe-keeping for a 12month period. A small trophy shall also be presented which is for the winner to keep
6. The judges/council retains the right to withhold the trophy should they consider that no competitor achieved the required standard
7. £50.00 is awarded to the winner
8. £25.00 is awarded to the runner-up

​Monday 6th November, 2017
Jim Krenz, Spain
(Highly endorsed by the great Juan Tamariz)

​Saturday 11th November, 2017
The President’s Annual Dinner

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