The Norsto Trophy (for Originality)

Norsto Trophy for originality in Magic

About The Norsto Trophy

The Norsto Trophy is a special accolade that is awarded for originality. It can be awarded for any effect presented during the Bob White Wand competition under any of the categories aslong as the critera is met. 

The first winner of the Norsto Trophy was Michael Murray in 2005. And has changed hands many times since.

The Current holder of the Norsto Trophy is Kris Rubens

The Norsto Trophy Rules

1. Competitors may nominate one or more of their effects or routines from the Bob White Wand competition to be considered for entry into the Nostro Cup Competition. The organiser of the competition must be informed which effect or routine is being entered.
2. Criteria are most original concept, effect, apparatus or presentation.
3. The winner shall receive the trophy and retain it in safe keeping for a period of twelve month. A small trophy shall also be presented to be retained by the winner.
4. The Committee retains the right to withhold the trophy should they consider that no competitor has reached the required standard.
5. Three members will be elected as judges on the night.
6. Any member with information about originality or otherwise can take this to the Council. 

Rules updated and issued January 2021, and agreed by the 2021 council of: Glenn Ward (pres.), Tony Junior (sec.), Michael Redfearn (treas.), Simon Jacobs (libr.), Robert Reed (welf.)

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