The Edmund Younger Cup (Stage Act)

Edmund Younger Cup

About The Edmund Younger Cup

The Edmund Younger Cup is awarded for Stage Magic during a dedicated stage magic competition.
The Cup was introduced in 1941 and was won in W. Fleet in it’s first year.

The current holder of this Cup is Kennedy.

About The Edmund Younger Cup

1. The competition shall be held each year in the headquarters of the Newcastle upon Tyne Magic Circle unless otherwise decided by the Committee.
2. The Competition shall be open to all Members in good standing of the Newcastle upon Tyne Magic Circle.
3. The minimum number of competitors shall be three and the maximum number shall be five. If there are more than five people wishing to enter then the first position shall go to the previous year’s winner, should they wish to enter. The remaining places shall be decided by names drawn from a hat.
4. Each performance shall be between six and fifteen minutes. A verbal warning will be given after twelve minutes and another at fifteen minutes. Any competitor exceeding the time limit of fifteen minutes shall be disqualified.
5. A panel of a minimum of four judges to be arranged. These shall be made up of both magical and non-magical individuals.
6. The winner shall receive the trophy and retain it in safe keeping for a period of twelve month. A small trophy shall also be presented to be retained by the winner.
7. The Committee retains the right to withhold the trophy should they consider that no competitor has reached the required standard.

Rules updated and issued January 2021, and agreed by the 2021 council of: Glenn Ward (pres.), Tony Junior (sec.), Michael Redfearn (treas.), Simon Jacobs (libr.), Robert Reed (welf.)