Monday 22nd January, 2024
Newcastle Magic Circle AGM

Monday 5th February, 2024
Audition Night

Thursday 16th – Sunday 19th February, 2024
Blackpool Magic Convention

Monday 26th February, 2024
Club Development Night

Tuesday 5th March, 2024
Elliot Bibby Lecture

Monday 25th March, 2024
Giancarlo Scalia Lecture

Monday 8th April, 2024
Parlour Workshop

Monday 22th April, 2024
Etienne Paradier Lecture

Monday 6th May, 2024
Close up Competition

Monday 27th May, 2024
Michael Murray Lecture

Monday 10th June, 2024
NMC @ Middlesborough Circle of Magicians

Monday 24th June, 2024
Chris Congreave Lecture

Monday 8th July, 2024
Vincent Gambini Lecture

Monday 29th July, 2024
Audition Night & Club Development Night

Monday 26th August, 2024
Joel Dickinson Lecture

Monday 9th September 2024
Bob White Wand Competition

Monday 23rd September 2024
Middlesborough Circle of Magicians Entertain NMC

Friday 11th – Sunday 13th October, 2024
South Tyneside International Magic Festival

Monday 28th October, 2024
Horror Stories

Saturday 16th November, 2024
Annual Presidents Dinner

Monday 25th November, 2024
Fool Us

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