Monday 28th January, 2019:
An evening of entertainment with members of the NMC & friends​

Monday 11th February, 2019:
Matthew Wright & Harry Robson

​Monday 25th February, 2019:
Buffet, Social & Golden Nuggets evening

​Monday 25th March 2019: (extra evening)
Audition Night for potential new members

​Wednesday 10th April, 2019
(March evening rescheduled)
Ben Williams, UK

​Monday 29th April, 2019

​​Tuesday 28th May, 2019
Mark Leveridge, UK

​Monday 10th June, 2019
Show Us A Trick & Fool Us
(additional night)

​Monday 24th June, 2019
The Lennox Shield Competition

​Monday 15th July, 2019
An Evening with Ken Dyne

​Monday 22nd July, 2019
The Bob White Wand Competition
the four categories are:
1)an effect imitating a famous magician
2) an effect using a mobile or a mobile app
3) an effect for 18 plus
4) an effect based on coffee shop/ café magic

​Monday 12th August, 2019
Joshua Jay, USA
(August Bank Holiday rescheduled)

​Tuesday 10th September, 2019
Extra Programme

​Wednesday 18th September, 2019
Kieron Lefever (also aka Kieron Johnson), UK

​Thursday 26th September, 2019
Kainoa Harbottle, Hawaii

​Thursday 10th October, 2019
Children’s / Family Show at the Customs House, South Shields

​October 11th, 12th, 13th, 2019
South Tyneside International Magic Festival

​Wednesday 16th October, 2019
Bernardo Sedlacek, Brazil
​Saturday 23rd November, 2019
The President’s Annual Dinner

​Monday 25th November, 2019
Thom Peterson, USA

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