Andrew Normansell Lecture

Andrew Normansell Lecture

Monday 28th March 2022| 7:30PM | Magicbox
Guest fees apply

Andrew Normansell Lecture at Magicbox

Andrew Normansell, the creator of Club sandwichXpresso, author of “The man who would be king” and star of “100% commercial“, “Tempest Concept” and

10 below zero” is currently touring.

This fantastic NEW lecture comprises all aspects of HIGHLY COMMERCIAL close up, walk-around and stand up magic, with an extensive background in corporate and hospitality magic also, Stand- up comedy, Andrew Normansell offers something unique in

REAL WORLD Entertainment

Magic that YOU WILL WANT TO DO…AND CAN ! …as ALL the unique items in this exclusive lecture are geared toward the forward-thinking, practical and progressive worker, an experience that WILL ENHANCE your current thinking and repertoire!

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This lecture is free for members of the Newcastle Magic Circle.
Guest Fees are £15.00. If the visitor is a member of another magic club then it’s £10.00.
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