Newcastle Magic Circle Members Lecture

NMC Members Lecture

Monday 9th August, 2021 | 7:30PM | Magicbox
Guest fees apply

NMC Members Lecture at Magicbox

A first-of-its-kind evening. 5 familiar faces from the Newcastle Magic Circle will entertain us with a series of mini-lectures and talks. 

We will have a lecture from our librarian Simon Jacobs, who will teach some of his wonderful card magic from his debut book “Full Disclosure”. 

Our resident coin expert, Nev Blenkinsopp, will give a coin workshop.

There will be a fascinating talk from Tom Bolton who will give us all the insider information from his magical experience “The Magic Corner”. 

James Piatt has a fun and interactive “magic rant” planned. 

And seasoned pro, Martin Duffy will delve into his impressive wealth of knowledge and experience to talk about the real secrets of being a successful performer. 

This lecture is free for members of the Newcastle Magic Circle.
Guest Fees are £15.00. If the visitor is a member of another magic club then it’s £10.00.
Please contact for more information