Vincent Gambini Lecture – Newcastle Magic Circle

Monday 8th July, 2024| 7:30PM | Magicbox
Guest fees apply

Vincent Gambini Lecture – Newcastle Magic Circle at Magicbox

We have the fantastic Vincent Gambini heading up to Newcastle Magic Circle. It is sure to be another fantastic lecture.

Who better to introduce Vincent, than himself.

“Well, it’s me.
My name is Vincent Gambini.
I’m based in Brighton, UK, and my specialty is sleight-of-hand magic, which I combine with elements of theatre, performance art and spoken word.

The story goes:
As a teenager in the 90’s, ALL I did was study and practice sleight-of-hand magic.
In 1998 I won 1st prize at the Italian Close-up Magic competition, and 2nd prize at the International competition in London. I also gained membership to the London Magic Circle by writing a thesis called ‘Deconstructing Magic’, which perfectly describes what I love doing.

Then, in the early 2000’s I packed my magic books away, got rid of all my magic props, and chose a different path: for 15 years I worked as a writer and performance artist, presenting experimental theatre across Europe and further afield.”

This lecture is free for members of the Newcastle Magic Circle.
Guest Fees are £15.00. If the visitor is a member of another magic club then it’s £10.00.
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