Etienne Paradier Lecture – Newcastle Magic Circle

Monday 22th April, 2024 | 7:30PM | Magicbox
Guest fees apply

Etienne Paradier Lecture at Magicbox

e have a lecture from the incredible Etienne Pradier!

Etienne is a former Magic Circle Close Up Magician of the Year, a FISM prize winner, a magic creator and author and a true, real world working professional!
His lecture is going to be full of tried and tested fooling magic along with the inner secrets to being a being a professional magician.

A few words about the Etienne Paradier Lecture:

Where to start with this?? There was far too much packed in to fit in this write up. One thing that did stand out the most was the shear hilarity of the whole evening.
When he isn’t dancing down at the discotheque with Glenn then Etienne is busy working close up for all and sundry. A true polished professional.
Here goes…
An opener with a bottle / glass / coin / pen produced from a dinner napkin.
A hilarious bill change using a thumb tip index. “You want Rupee’s … no problem!”
I liked the broken and restored glass stem. All done ‘accidentally’ along with breaking Francesca’s finger (only kidding).
His ambitious card routine with a fun rising card (the wrong card) technique. Difficult to describe but easy and clever.
After the break we were treated to card in bottle (from Fool Us) as well as an excellent ring on rope routine. There was an Omni Deck routine and Hopping Halves thrown in, also cards to pocket. Etienne finished off the evening with his famous bottle through table routine.
Two things that stood out and Etienne stressed throughout the evening. First, as much magic to happen in the spectators hand as possible and second to have a repertoire of short effects that can be bolted together (or disregarded) depending on the situation / audience. Wise words.
Yet another great evening.

This lecture is free for members of the Newcastle Magic Circle.
Guest Fees are £15.00. If the visitor is a member of another magic club then it’s £10.00.
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