Parlour Workshop

Monday 8th April, 2024 | 7:30PM | Magicbox

Parlour Workshop at Magicbox

Hosted by James, tonight was a chance for members to work on or give advice for anyone working on a parlour trick, routine or show. In a world dominated by close-up tonight was a night for the likes of me to find out more about Parlour.
Ian Campbell recently changed from doing close up to parlour and spoke about how it made a lot of sense for him, in a financial and time wise way. He detailed how his parlour act has evolved over the past two years and importantly how it wasn’t a huge leap from close up. He stressed how the simplest effects and routines go down the best.
Mick spoke about how finding out as much as possible about the venue and audience is a must. (Ages of audience, type of audience, dress code and even what PA system is needed).
Simon mentioned about having two separate websites for kids magic and adult shows. Would you get booked for a sophisticated evening if they knew you did kid shows? He also added that some kids effects can be dressed up for parlour.
After the break Martin presented a routine he is currently working on. It was a great idea based around the Titanic and the coincidence of famous dates. A lot of feedback was thrown his way (makes a change from eggs – Glenn).
Bob Miller does a lot of parlour and kids magic especially for refugee families and he talked about using tricks with foreign languages and using props that are easily recognisable (yo-yo’s, coat- hangers etc).
Last but not least… James presented his Triad Coins routine and asked for feedback on the story he is trying to intertwine
I have always enjoyed workshop evenings and this was a cracker. Lots of fun and many thanks to everyone that came, presented, yelled advice, threw eggs and had a good time.

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