Giancarlo Scalia Lecture – Newcastle Magic Circle

Monday 25th March, 2024| 7:30PM | Magicbox
Guest fees apply

Giancarlo Scalia Lecture at Magicbox

We cant wait to welcome Giancarlo Scalia to the Newcastle Magic Circle. 
Giancarlo blew everyone away at STIMF last year, so when the opportunity came up to bring his full lecture to the club we couldn’t say yes fast enough!
If you missed Giancarlo at the convention, make sure you catch his lecture here. It’s going to be a very special one.

A few words from Nev about the Giancarlo Scalia Lecture at Magicbox

What can I say about Giancarlo except he f#@%ing fried everyone in the room in the first 10mins  or so.

He had asked me to record his opening signed cards to pocket routine so perhaps he really turned it on for that reason. Whatever, I don’t really care it was just and amazing piece of magic that set the stage for the rest of the evening. We all knew what he was doing but you just didn’t see  it. Working far ahead on steroids?
Apologies in advance… I didn’t take any notes. Too busy enjoying it I suppose. His rendition on  Scarne’s Three Ball Routine was beautiful and on the button. The coins through table was equally  smooth. Giancarlo aims for total naturalness when performing and his thoughts on the subject made  a lot of sense. As a coin guy myself its something you have to strive for. Your hands, gestures and  sleights themselves looking completely natural. Too many times we see coin routines, especially palm up work (3fly?) where the hands look like  they are in cramp with the fingers pointing in all directions. He talked about using natural moves and mirroring how it would look if you actually did place the object in your hand. This also rang true as he talked about palming cards. Again, making your gestures while palming completely natural.

To finish he performed the routine he closed with at STIMF. I don’t know the name of it but ‘the reds always go with the reds and blacks always with the blacks’. Not a technically demanding routine but an amazing piece of construction. We have had some fantastic lectures over the years and that was certainly right up there. The standing ovation at the end proved it.

This lecture is free for members of the Newcastle Magic Circle.
Guest Fees are £15.00. If the visitor is a member of another magic club then it’s £10.00.
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